Tips for Your Charter

How to Avoid Getting Seasick

Becoming unexpectedly ill as a result of seasickness is always a possibility. In one form or other it is possible for anyone on the trip to feel sick, even on calm waters. It can happen to anyone. If you have a tendency to get seasick or suffer from motion sickness, we strongly recommend you consider a prescription patch for the trip. At a minimum, we recommend that you take over the counter medication like Dramamine, starting the night before your trip. It does little good to start taking these over the counter medications once you are feeling queasy. Be sure you carefully follow the instruction label for taking an over-the-counter mediation to ensure sufficient dosage. The dosage is typically calculated for a 150 pound person.

What you eat and drink before and during a trip is crucial to avoiding seasickness. Typically bland, easily digestible food is best. Pass on the predawn bacon, egg and cheese sandwich! Minimize alcohol consumption. Getting sick will definitely ruin your day and can make the trip unpleasant for the other guests; so we urge you to err on the side of caution.

Dock and Departure

Unless otherwise agreed upon, fishing charters depart from Cape Ann Marina, 75 Essex Ave. Gloucester MA. The time for departure is dependent on the type of charter and the time of year. Please confirm your charter departure time and plan to be at the dock at least 15 minutes prior.


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