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Fish for Giant Tuna, Haddock, and Shark!

Gloucester Fishing Charters

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Let Kelly Ann Charters take you on your next fishing adventure.

Kelly Ann deep-sea fishing season runs from May 1 – Dec 1. We offer offshore charters for all fishing enthusiasts, including cod and haddock, Bluefin tuna, and our haddock, shark, and tuna combo. We are able to host charters for different fish during different months in the season.  The Kelly Ann generally fishes the waters off Gloucester MA and along the shores of Cape Ann and New England.


Cod and Haddock Charters

We frequent the areas of Stellwagon Bank, Jeffrey’s Ledge, and Tillies Bank during the early season (May – July).  Cod and Haddock are plentiful and easy to spot throughout these months.  

Our strategy is very specific and effective!  We first head to our favorite numbers that we’ve acquired over time.  Once the boat is anchored, we drop clams right to the bottom and wait for the haddock to hit.  We also use specific strategies to induce schools of haddock to swarm under the boat. Our goal is to max out on every single trip!

At the end of the day, we head back and send you home with freezer bags full of haddock fillets.  Most charters have found that they’re able to catch plenty of other species during the day that can be taken home and eaten as well.

Cod and haddock charters start April 15th and run through July.  Mid-summer, we start incorporating shark and tuna fishing with haddock fishing (our combo trip) so you go home with plenty of meat and extremely sore arms!


Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters

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The giant Bluefin tuna and shark species start swarming around New England/Gloucester during the months of July through late October.  The Kelly Ann extends their Bluefin tuna hunting grounds from Stellwagon Bank to as far out as Platt’s Bank off the shores of Maine.

Our strategies include fishing both live and dead bait while anchored or drifting.  We occasionally use a kite and always have balloons. Last year, Mackerel and Herring were the primary baits used, but this changes depending on the season.

Overnight charters are also offered for fishermen looking to get the full experience.  This means we can travel as far as necessary to find the fish instead of only as far as one day trip allows.  These charters increase the odds of catching a tuna dramatically!

Catching a Bluefin tuna is a fisherman’s ultimate goal.  We’re looking for one bite from one fish, and we don’t get it every trip, but when we do it’s the catch of a lifetime!  If we hook up, we stay out as long as it takes to get the fish in the boat.


The Combo (Tuna, Haddock, and Shark Charters)

Combo charters happen where we’re sure there’s haddock and sharks as well as the chance to catch a Bluefin tuna.  We get to the spot, anchor up, and first begin haddock fishing. While the charter is busy catching fish, the crew gets shark chum in the water.  Within an hour or two, the sharks have caught the scent and it’s game on! We’ll always have a tuna rod ready to go and will stay alert for markings throughout the day.  Often, we find that chumming for sharks brings tuna lurking around the area.

This is one of our most popular charters!  Catching sharks is adventurous and intense, but the charter still goes home with haddock meat.  It’s a great option for anyone looking for the chance to catch a tuna and wanting to bend a rod at the same time.


Cod | Haddock 10 hours May – July $1200.00
Shark | Haddock | Tuna 10 hours June – September $1350.00
Giant Bluefin Tuna 10 hours June – September $1350.00
Marathon Bluefin Tuna 12 hours June – September $1500.00
Overnight Bluefin Tuna Overnight June – September $1500.00 per day


Prices include all tackle, bait, rods & reels, Captain, and first mate for up to six passengers.A $400.00 deposit is required to secure a reservation with Kelly Ann Fishing Charters in Gloucester, MA.

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