Shark Fishing Adventures

For the Adventuresome Angler

Shark Fishing Adventure

For those who like experiencing life on the edge – Kelly Ann offers shark charters. Shark Fishing has become a growing segment of the charter fishing industry. With Blue, Mako, and the occasional Thresher shark invading our waters from mid-July through the end of October, we usually have an ample supply of sharks to keep the rods bent. Porbeagles, also known as the Mackerel shark, are added to the mix. This species is considered to be the cousin of the Mako and makes for as tasty an entree.

Hunting the shark usually involves drifting and chumming with set bait deployed behind the boat on floats. Bait can be chunks of just about anything from Herring to Mackerel to fillets of Bluefish. Shark outfits are usually 30’s to 50’s with wire leaders, so as not to get bitten off.

There is nothing quite like watching a giant Mako Shark take to the air! In the past few years, there has been talk and sightings of Great White Sharks moving into our waters off the shores of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.



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