Giant Bluefin Tuna

Home of Wicked Tuna

The elusive Giant Bluefin Tuna frequents our waters as early as June through late Fall.

Our favorite characteristics about these creatures of the sea are their size, strength, and speed. The Bluefin tuna can grow to over 1000 lbs and can hit speeds of up to 60 mph. This fish can strip the line off a reel like no other.

For school Bluefin Tuna, we will troll with 30’s and 50;s outfits and jig with Shimano’s butterfly jigs or the like thereof. We use Shimano Torium reels matched with Trevala rods, a great combination for these speedsters.

Methods for capturing the Giant Bluefin Tuna include trolling for artificial and natural bait and chumming from a stationary or drifting boat. Typically, for the Giant Bluefin Tuna we will chum from an anchored boat, but may switch over to drifting if it may increase the chance of a “hook up”.

A Giant Bluefin Tuna may not get caught with every trip. However, the experience of the hunt for this elusive and powerful sea creature is one that will leave our clients with a story of adventure to last a lifetime.

For the record, we don’t leave the dock without live bait. However, we do like to fish for it – after all – the experience is about keeping the rods bent!

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