Capturing A Bluefin Tuna

An Adventure of A Lifetime

Get Your Adrenaline Going While Hunting the Elusive Bluefin

While excellent at catching all species of fish, we are most passionate about fishing for giant Bluefin tuna.  Known for their strength and the amount of fight they have in them, giant bluefins are an angler’s dream.  Our experienced captain understands all of the variables that can affect where to locate and hunt for a giant Bluefin tuna. Weather and sea conditions, type of bait, feeding and movement patterns, and even the phase of the moon are all factors that are taken into consideration before the hunt begins.  You will never forget the first time you catch a giant bluefin tuna, and you will soon be itching for another opportunity to catch one!

What to Expect

Typical tuna charters leave the dock before daybreak and rarely return before the late afternoon or early evening.  This is a full day event you will talk about for years to come.

The boat departs from the docks of Cape Ann Marina promptly at 4 am. The journey usually takes an hour and a half to reach prime “tuna fishing grounds”. The time is well spent preparing for our adventure. Upon reaching our destination, fishing lines are dropped into the water before daybreak. Throughout the day we fish for cod and haddock that can be used for live bait or for the frying pan as the evening progresses.

Let the battle begin! Tracking and capturing a Giant Bluefin Tuna can last from as little as 20 minutes to as many as nine hours. Our job is to partner with you as you conquer your giant Bluefin Tuna. Fishing continues until 3:00 PM, at which the lines are lifted and the journey to shore begins.

Don’t forget to watch for whales and seals, throughout the day, as they tend to migrate through the waters of Gloucester. Be sure to take in the breathtaking sunset on the journey home as you relax and breath in the fresh ocean air. Our goal is about the entire experience.



Kelly Ann Charters - F/V Kelly Ann